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  • Information and help for volunteering in Ghana.

    After coming to Ghana as a volunteer I soon realised that most of the money I had paid to an organisation hadn't left England. In fact the disabled centre where I was working was losing money from having to pay for my meals and accomodation. I also realised how easy it is to volunteer in Ghana without any established organisation, which would allow you to spend the extra money on helping develop the project you are working on.

    On this site you can find advice and help about going to volunteer in Ghana.

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·· · Douglas and Nana

Douglas and Nana the main people taking part in this project

Douglas is 25 years old and studies ICT at the Winneba university here in Ghana. Nana studied Electrical Engineering at the Kumasi Polytechnic and is 24 years old.
For one year Douglas has worked voluntarily for ICYE(icye.com) organising projects in Kumasi and being contact person for volunteers of ICYE. Nana has also worked for ICYE for a few years doing the same thing.

Douglas and Nana are the only representatives from ICYE in Kumasi, they currently care of 9 volunteers including me who are stationed in and around Kumasi.

From their work for ICYE, Douglas and Nana are have contacts with all of the project leaders in Kumasi, Sunyani and Accra. 


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